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Frame Adapter Kit for 1969-1978 CB750 HONDA

Part No: AAA139


Price: $65.00

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OK, I have had quite a few frames I have bought and when I got them home and lifted the tank, have noticed that the frame rails had been cut, so they can get the motor out easier, but - They never put the rails back.

This severly weakens the frame if there is no support.

So, I thought I would make some frame rail adapter kist and I use these all the time now and glad I do.

These are well thought out and must say, they are a real bonus for your bike.

How so?

Well, even if you do have rails there, you know what it is like to remove the motor and you only want to remove the cylinder head.

If you fit my kit, you can unbolt them, thus exposing the top end of your engine and can easily remove valve cover and head, but leave motor in the frame.

Or, it is also a lot easier to remove the whole Motor and not have to struggle to wiggle the damn thing out, as these motors are fitted really tight.


How do they fit, well simply, if your old one has been cut out, these should be lonh enough to plop right in, or simply cut to the length required.


Then I slide the collars over the frame, then when I am happy I drill through the collar into the frame and into the adapter , then simply use countersunk bolts, .


This is pretty easy to fit and will put the strength back into your frame.